MDF Workshop
Open-shell Organic Molecules
― Synthesis and Electronic Structure Freedom
October 7(Friday) & 8(Saturday), 2011
              at Umeda Sky Building (English/Japanese) in Osaka
from the venue

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Scope, Invited Speakers, Scientific Program (preliminary plan), Committee, Sponsors, Call for participants, Acknowledgment and Photo Gallery, Memorandum

Scope (back to the top)
       The synthesis and electronic structures of the open-shell organic molecules will be discussed in this workshop from the viewpoint of material science researchers who concern the synthesis of organic molecule and metal complex. The chemical species are not restricted only to the neutral ones, but include the radical cation/anion species. As the functionality, the responses to the stimuli (light, magnetic/electric field and redox) will be discussed along with the possible applications for integrated functional materials such as organic solar cells.
       This workshop is sponsored by the project of "New Frontier of Materials Science Opened by Molecular Degree of Freedom (Scientific Research on Innovative Area by MEXT, Japan)"

Invited Speakers from Abroad (back to the top)
       Dr. Martin Lemaire
             Department of Chemistry, Brock University, Canada
       Dr. Fabrice Pointillart
             Universite Rennes 1, Sciences Chimiques de Rennes, France
       Dr. Imma Ratera
             Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain

Call for participants 参加登録のご案内 (back to the top)
             締切日: 参加申込 8月31日(水), 発表要旨原稿 9月7日(水)

    ポスターボードの大きさは、幅 90 cm, 高さ 210 cmです。
       The organizing committee is inviting the attendants and poster presentations. The details are described in the information document (sorry, only in Japanese).
       The template for the abstract is available by clicking here.

Scientific Program (preliminary plan) (back to the top)
       During the workshop, around 13 invited oral presentation by domestic participants and ca. 40 poster presentations are scheduled.

Scientific Program (Final version) (back to the top)
       pdf version is available: click here

Acknowledgment and Photo Gallery (back to the top)
       The Organizing committee thanks for the cooperation and supports of the attendants and advisory committee members. We hope you enjoyed the workshop and had no problems for your trips.
       The list of group photo is available << click here >>. The files named as ′SKY???.JPG′ are original data prepared by the professional photographer, while those of ′SKY???s.JPG′ are trimmed ones. The snapshots are still available from the web site. The user id and password to access there had been informed by the e-mail from Chairman Morita.

Committee (back to the top)
       Chair: Yasushi Morita (Osaka University)
       Organizing & Executive:
                            Hideki Yamochi (Kyoto University)
                            Yohji Misaki (Ehime University)
                            Hideki Fujiwara (Osaka Prefecture University)
       Advisory Committee:
                            Hatsumi Mori (The University of Tokyo)
                            Jun-ichi Yamada (University of Hyogo)
                            Hiroyuki Nishikawa (Ibaraki University)
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Sponsor & Supporters (back to the top)
Sponsored by
mdf_logo "New Frontier of Materials Science Opened by Molecular Degree of Freedom" in Scientific Research on Innovative Area by MEXT
        科学研究費 新学術領域研究"分子自由度が拓く新物質科学"
Private companies who support this workshop (alphabetical order)
     asahi_spectra.jpg     Asahi Spectra   (朝日分光)
     azbio.jpg     Azbio   (アズバイオ)
     bas.jpg     ALS   (ビー・エー・エス)
     bright.jpg     Bright   (ブライト)
     bruker.jpg     Bruker AXS   (ブルカー・エイエックスエス)
     daikin.jpg     DAIKIN COMTEC   (ダイキン工業)
     jai.jpg     Japan Analytical Industry   (日本分析工業)
     JEOL.jpgg     JEOL   (日本電子)
     yakken.jpg     Osaka Yakken   (大阪薬研)
     oxford.jpg     Oxford Instruments   (オックスフォード・インストゥルメンツ)
     perkinelmer.jpg     PerkinElmer   (パーキンエルマージャパン)
     rigaku.jpg     Rigaku   (リガク)
     shimadzu.jpg     Shimadzu   (島津製作所)     <代理店> 大研科学産業
     sigma-aldrich.jpg     Sigma-Aldrich   (シグマ アルドリッチ ジャパン)
     springer.jpg     Springer   (シュプリンガー・ジャパン)
     techno-sigma.jpg     Techno Sigma   (テクノシグマ)
     thomson_reuters.jpg     Thomson Reuters   (トムソン・ロイター)
     TCI.jpg     Tokyo Chemical Industry   (東京化成工業)
     wako.jpg     Wako Pure Chemical Industries   (和光純薬工業)

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mdf 2011.10. 3 ワークショップのプログラムを掲示しました。
mdf 2011. 8.22 御異動の確定に伴い、ワークショップ案内状に記した招待講演者の御所属を一部修正しました。
mdf 2011. 8.13 参加申込の御案内を掲示しました。
mdf 2011. 8. 9 主催・協賛団体の御名前を掲示しました。
mdf 2011. 6.23 招待講演をお引き受けいただいた外国人研究者のお名前を掲示しました。
mdf 2011. 6.13 ワークショップの趣旨を説明した趣意書を作成しました。
mdf 2011. 6. 9 組織委員が集まり、外国人招待講演者を内定しました。
mdf 2011. 6. 1 本ページのパスワード保護を解除。一般公開しました。
mdf 2011. 5.24 諮問委員会(Advisory Committee)を設けました。
mdf 2011. 5. 7 シンポジウム議長と組織委員会委員が決まりました。
mdf 2011. 4.30 組織委員会等の正式発足に向けたA05(a)班内での連絡を開始しました。
mdf 2011. 4.29 ホームページ(パスワード保護を開設。
mdf 2011. 4.27 新学術領域研究「分子自由度が拓く新物質科学」総括班会議にて
              計画研究A05(a)班 森田先生御提案のワークショップ

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